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How can we serve you?

The Swarthmore Group’s culture is built on diversity of thought, which is why the firm meets regularly to review current U.S. and global economic, market, industry, and company specific trends. This provides a forum to discuss the implications for our investment strategies and facilitates cross-fertilization of ideas.


Our Wealth Management Team works closely with our clients to understand their current financial situation in an effort to develop a plan that will best support their short and long-term goals.  An investment strategy is then fully integrated into the plan based on our clients’ specific financial needs.

In addition, we provide our clients with an array of professional services to promote personal and professional development.  We take great pride in going above and beyond for our clients as their trusted counselor and advisor.

Financial Planning

 ∙ Goals Planning
∙ Retirement Planning
∙ Education Planning (529 Plans)
∙ Business Succession Planning
∙ Charitable Planning

Investment Management

∙ Investment Strategy Development
∙ Financial Plan Integration
∙ Tax Loss Harvesting
∙ Performance Monitoring
∙ Economic Insights

Professional Services

∙ Professional Development & Mentoring
∙ Business Consulting
∙ Estate Planning Review
∙ Banking Advisory
∙ Insurance Review


Fixed Income

We believe a process of relative value-based security selection constructed to reflect our firm’s macroeconomic view will outperform over a market cycle.  Our conservative fixed income approach is centered around overweighting spread product when we view valuations as attractive, taking minimal relative interest rate risk, and avoiding credit “blow-ups”.  Our portfolios, consisting of treasury and investment grade corporate bonds, are constructed to provide the liquidity, safety, and incremental yield/return our clients desire.  Protecting the downside takes priority over chasing yield; therefore, we rigorously monitor individual credits and the overall credit contributions in the portfolio on a daily basis.

▪ Core
▪ Intermediate
▪ Intermediate Core
▪ Short Duration


We believe quality companies have the ability to generate sustainable earnings growth, produce above-average returns, and provide downside protection during market disturbances.  We define “quality companies” as those who are leaders within their industries, characterized by a proven management team, well-managed capital structure, improving market share, expanding operating margins, strong cash flow generation, and a history of effective Research & Development.

Our concentrated equity portfolios are constructed of high conviction names combined with liquid sector ETFs.  We seek to provide excess return through these high conviction holdings, and manage the risk profile in conjunction with our macroeconomic outlook via sector ETF exposure.

▪ Core
▪ Passive


Now, more than ever, institutional investors face daunting challenges in managing their unique investment programs.  At the Swarthmore Group, we partner with institutional investors to help Investment Committees and Boards achieve their long-term objectives, manage risks, and develop institutional quality and globally diversified portfolios.  Our clients view us an extension of their staff as we strive to deliver an exceptional client service experience.  Our services include:

  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Investment Policy Development and Review
  • Manager Research and Selection
  • Performance Analytics and Attribution
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation Analysis
  • Client Education
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