Our Mission

The mission of The Swarthmore Group is to provide ethical and reliable investment management services.  We are driven by our commitment to client satisfaction, recognizing we are only successful if our clients are successful.

Core Values


We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ goals and delivering solutions to achieve those goals.


Our business is conducted in a manner that conveys professionalism to our clients, colleagues, and the and broader community.


We conduct our business with honesty and integrity, placing our clients first.  Adherence to all securities and professional requirements is a critical component embedded in our culture.


We continuously strive to build a lasting, multi-generational firm.  We desire to grow while maintaining an appropriate work/life balance and we value each of our colleague’s contributions. 


We treat our colleagues with respect and value our diversity.  We work collaboratively and collegially to maintain a workplace where we can thrive and grow intellectually.  We work hard at maintaining this environment to ensure our colleagues continue to find The Swarthmore Group a challenging and satisfying career choice.


We acknowledge that we are members of a larger community.  We therefore encourage and support our colleagues’ efforts, enabling them to volunteer and participate in community enrichment opportunities.


  • 1992


    Our first foray into equities: “Can you keep it simple with names we recognize?”


    Solution: Large Cap Core Equity

  • 2000


    “We want more exposure to fixed income.”


    Solution: Core, Intermediate, and Short Duration Fixed Income

  • 2006


    “Our healthcare costs increase year after year.  How can we hedge inflation costs?”


    Solution: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

  • 2010

    “We need to match our assets to our liabilities.”
    Solution: Liability Driven Investment - Fixed Income
  • 2012


    “We have fully funded our trust and never want to ask the shareholders to do so again.”


    Solution: A portfolio was built to preserve capital and take advantage of opportunities as they occur.

  • 2013


    “Is active equity management antiquated?”

     Solution: A refined equity process incorporating an enhanced bottom-up fundamental investing approach with sector ETFs to allow for more nimble portfolio construction
  • 2016

    “We want a low cost, passive approach.”
    Solution: An enhanced passive strategy based upon a quantitative factor that has been in use at our firm for nearly two decades
  • 2018


    “We need independent and unbiased advice to manage managers.”


    Solution: We began providing assistance to an existing client to create a defined benefit plan.

  • 2019


    “How should we manage our personal accounts?”


    Solution: Our wealth management business assists individual clients with meeting their financial goals in a tax efficient manner

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