Attentive Responsive Adaptive

Investment professionals focused on preparing our clients for the future by planning today.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Swarthmore Group, Inc. offers creative solutions for our clients’ financial needs.  We believe that with clear communication we can guide our clients through economic highs and lows and help our clients achieve their economic goals.  By building strong, personal relationships with our clients, we can help make our clients feel confident with their financial decisions.  

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Warren Buffet

What sets us apart?

We understand that clients’ needs change quickly and, as a firm, we work to be nimble and adaptable to find creative solutions to our clients’ needs.  We offer customized solutions and work with our clients individually to provide them with the attention and consideration they deserve.

Investing, made simple.

Everyone can invest, but not everyone is an investor.  What makes the difference is industry knowledge and the time dedicated to create personalized portfolios.

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