The Swarthmore Group’s goal is to assist our institutional clients in achieving their financial objectives.  We employ disciplined and sophisticated investment strategies to prudently manage the balance between risk and return.  We began managing core equity portfolios in 1991, and added a dedicated large cap growth strategy in 1998.  In 2000, at the urging of a client, we initiated our fixed income management capability.  From that first core fixed income portfolio, we have built a highly regarded team and developed expertise in managing fixed income portfolios with durations all along the yield curve, as well as portfolios dedicated to Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS). 

While we have enjoyed steady growth in clients and assets under management, growth for growth’s sake has never been our objective.  Rather, we have managed our rate of growth by keeping our focus on what is best for our clients.  We strive to become thought partners with our clients, working together to achieve their goals.  The products we offer reside within our core competencies of long-only equity and fixed income management. Our goal is to provide superior, consistent results, while taking less -than-commensurate risk.  Keeping our clients apprised about the management of their assets is a key component of our process.

This focus on clients has afforded us a rate of growth that has provided the critical mass needed to have access to external resources such as Street research and other economic input, as well as to be able to maintain leading edge trading, accounting, and other internal technological tools.  It has also made it possible to attract and retain some of the best people in the industry.  We are mindful that there is a downside to unmanaged growth, and we pledge to never allow growth to interfere with what we consider to be our most important assets-- our clients and our people.

I trust that you will find what follows regarding our investment strategies to be both interesting and informative.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss them in greater depth at your convenience.


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