The objective is to provide solutions to our client’s fixed income needs.  A dialog with the client allows the fixed income team to structure fixed income portfolios based on the client’s cash flow requirements and their tolerance for interest rate and credit risk.  The portfolio managers, experienced in managing assets across the yield curve and proficient in utilizing all the major fixed income sectors, then create a fixed income portfolio designed to meet the client’s long term investment and/or liability needs.

  • Portfolios are biased toward the “spread” sectors, as we believe that corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities offer the best opportunities for excess returns over the long term

  • Turnover is controlled by blending a value approach for security selection with a yield focus in sector selection

  • To avoid interest rate risk, the duration of the portfolio is limited to 15% ± of the selected benchmark

A hallmark of The Swarthmore Group is customized fixed income solutions.  Our Fixed Income team is experienced in tailoring portfolios to meet the various requirements and objectives of each individual client. 

For more detailed information about our fixed income investment management strategies, please contact us.

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