The Swarthmore Group equity strategies are based on the philosophy that a portfolio of quality companies with sustainable earnings growth will outperform over the long term and provide a solid foundation for a diversified investment program. 

  • Quality companies are defined as those that are leaders in their industries, maintain strong balance sheets, and have the ability to maintain or increase market share

  • We believe these companies have the ability to generate sustainable earnings growth and will generate above-average returns

  • Portfolios are structured to outperform over a market cycle

  • We actively manage our core positions, trimming on strength and buying into weakness, to add incremental value over time

  • A diversified portfolio of 15-20 companies best rewards our company-specific insight

Equity Products:

  • Large Cap Growth – benchmarked to Russell 1000 Growth Index

  • Large Cap Core – benchmarked to Standard & Poor’s 500 Index

For more detailed information about our equity investment management strategies, please contact us.

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