About The Swarthmore Group

The Swarthmore Group believes that the investment manager owes a fiduciary responsibility to its clients to help them prudently balance risk and return.  As investment managers, our goal is to help clients meet their long-term investment goals by growing assets and preserving capital.  To that end we offer clients separately managed US domestic equity and fixed income strategies.

The equity philosophy is based on our conviction that companies that are able to provide sustainable earnings growth will increase in fundamental value, and that the fundamental value of a company ultimately drives the stock price.  We believe that our portfolios will outperform the market over an economic cycle through the consistent application of our investment process, which is rooted in fundamental analysis.  Our focus is on long term investments in companies with sustainable earnings growth and strong financial characteristics.

The fixed income investment philosophy is based on our belief that active management of high-quality domestic fixed income securities will outperform the market over an economic cycle.  We believe that “spread” sectors, corporate bonds and mortgage backed securities, offer the best opportunities for excess returns over the long term.  The Swarthmore Group uses security selection to drive our management process.  The security selection is based upon a relative value approach that incorporates our macro-economic view.

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